Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can I breathe now?!

Ok guys so it has been a very busy week! School ended and I was immediatly on a plane headed to Vegas to spend four days between there and Mojave California. Because we were constantly on the go I ate horribly or not at all. No exercise because after ten hours in the sun all I wanted to do was sit by the pool and watch the firemen that were helping with the race :) and they were very good to look at btw. I was to my suprise drinking at least two gallons of water and gatorade a day... bonus!

I can't believe how hot it was there but when I landed back in Utah I was really missing the heat. We had so much fun working a closed course race in Mojave and then being incredibly lazy in Vegas because we were exausted!

The weirdest thing happened at the Vegas airport! We were sitting waiting for our checked bags and we were talking about how cool it would be to meet the "sister wives" from TLC because they were living in Vegas. Well after sitting there a while husband Cody Brown walked up the the guy sitting by us and sat down right next to me. We ended up talking for 45 minutes about how they were liking it there and the differences between main stream mormonism and fundamentalist mormons. It was really cool I got a picture taken and of course every one of my friends has marked me as the fifth wife... umm no but it was really cool to meet him.

So I didn't even weigh in today because I am positive that I gained. So back to the routine and hopefully I will have good news on the scale next week.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday!

Ok kids I have decided Wednesday will be the day the I meet my arch nemesis the scale who I like to refer to as "whore" and I call it that often. But I am hoping to have a much better relationship with it in months to come. My weight after six days of trying to learn the routine that will hopefully work for me is 179.6 which is just under 1.5 pounds lost. Which I am proud of because I have had a little trouble changing my diet when it comes to meals but I am happy to report my Mountain Dew consumption has dropped by a good 75%!!! I still need one in the morning but I have been drinking a diet can of it instead of 32 oz of full calorie... progress!

I am often asked by people or even solicited "why don't you take a weight loss supplement?" or "you should try Ace! It's great I have lost so and so pounds" About five years ago I was taking phentromine and I loved it I had tons of energy and the weight fell of with no need to exercise or eat right. After I stopped taking it I gain everything back plus some. My reasoning is simple... I don't want to take a pill, drink a shake or cleanse for the rest of my life! I want to change the way I do things so I can earn my weight loss and have that sense of accomplishment and I want eat and drink what I want in moderation and know I have to work for it.

I am not by any means saying that people who do take these supplements didn't earn their weight loss because I know people who need that extra push to meet there weight goals. It's just not for me. Because even this single pound isn't a huge accomplishment I am more proud of it than any of the weight I lost on supplements because I had to do it the old fashioned way.

I did three days of the ease to 5k which I improved on my distance everyday and that's AWESOME!! The past two days I have been doing Turbo Jam and elliptical. I am trying to mix things up but I hope to be running four to five days a week very soon. The turbo jam I have been doing is learn and burn because I am extremely uncoordinated and it takes me a little longer to get all of my limbs moving in unison. With the elliptical I have been doing a half hour after I get done with the turbo jam video.

I haven't been sore from doing the videos and elliptical and I am starting to worry if I am doing it wrong or if I am not doing enough... any thoughts?

I am going to work harder on what I eat but with school getting out soon it has been crazy... and I know that is no excuse because I have to roll with the punches but I am completely focused on finishing this week.

So that's it for me today I am sure I have forgot a ton of things I wanted to talk about but I am sure they will find their way on here. Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time for a little show and tell!

OK well day 1 is over. I have lost some sleep over this because of excitement and sheer terror! Last night I went for a walk/run that was about a mile and a half and tonight I started the app Ease to 5K. I really like this app and I know several people who have used it and found it very helpful. But I am still having trouble getting music on it, so tonight all I could hear was my heavy breathing and the sound of my heart exploding. I was looking at what this program would have me do before I started and I though "I could probably do this twice" HAHA! You are so delusional my friend, it kicked my jiggly butt hard core! But I had the confidence I guess, just not the gusto yet but I will get there. I am pretty sore today and I have to remember that this is the hardest phase but it will pass. I have been told by several people that it takes about three weeks to get yourself into any routine so I am crossing my fingers that I make it to that point.

So I was doing the five minute warm up for this program and a car pulled up next to me. I looked over and it was my friend who proceeded to ask me if I needed a ride. LMFAO! of course you would ask that because this is an unusual outing for me. So in the end I told her that no I was walking for my health, she laughed gave me some awesome words of encouragement and drove off. I am pretty confident this will happen a few more times or some smartass will stop and ask me what I am running from or call the cops because it is so out of character. I have always said that one should not run unless being chased and that ladies and gentlemen is why I am chunky. It was drizzling a bit when I left my house so I put on a jacket well halfway through the sun was out and I was sweating like a pig all red faced and everything. I am sure I looked mighty sexy on the side of that road sweating and panting. Like they say here "if you don't like the weather wait five minutes it'll change".

Every morning I stop at my local gas station and fill myself up with 32 ounces of yellow bliss but not today. I did go buy myself some diet mountain dew and I drank a can on the drive (I know all the stuff that is going around about diet soda but I need some time to wean of my obsession). I did feel alittle guilty driving by thinking "It's not you, it's me... wait no it is you! You helped in the effort to blow out my last pair of cute jeans last week... jerk!" After the initial sadness and my attempt to gag down diet, which I hate the taste, I felt a lot better about it.

I promised you before pictures so I called one of my friends over who is practically my sister to help a girl out. I told her that I needed someone who had an obligation to love me do it :). Because I will be honest the only people that see that much of me is sisters or the occasional situation when the lights are turned off (Sorry mom!). So I was just going to do shorts and a tank top and she talked me into getting in a sports bra. Thank you so much! I was trying to avoid that right now but she said I would regret not doing it so in the end I lost that battle. I love her dearly because she kept saying "honey it's not as bad as you think it is" and my reply was "my own damn belly button is frowning how can it not be bad?!"

I wear spandex tank tops everyday, I mean EVERYDAY! because I can not stand to have the slightest hint of a muffin top of back boobs. It just makes me feel alittle better about myself and thank god for who ever invented those because they are awesome! But they are a lot like wearing stretch pants all the time... you can't tell when you are gaining weight.

But all the BS aside this is me taking one more step to a better life and if I have to humiliate myself on the internet so be it. By the way sorry the pictures are dark (not really!) but I don't have a flash on my phone and I didn't want to use someone elses phone... hehehe lame I know.

Thanks again for taking the time and I hope you are having a great day!

All right you pervs :) here you go! My eyes are closed, the dog looks mildly confused and my legs are painfully white so you might want to put some sunglasses on just to be safe!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS AGAIN FOR READING!!! Hope you all got at least one good laugh out of this post!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye privacy!

I was told that starting a blog about your weight loss journey was a great way to stay motivated and be held accountable. Well I am going to try it but this just isn't about weight loss (even though it is a big part) this is about taking a new path... writing a new journey and this journey is to happiness. I am 24 years old and single living in Utah and I have become the set up project for my family and friends. I love them dearly but it hasn't really worked out well, but i can't say too much my Ass-o-meter is evidently broken because that's all I manage to find myself. There are a lot of changes coming my way and I decided that there was no better time than the present to make a life over haul. So lets get this party started!!!
I have had some weight problems all my life, and I am sure those who know me will say "not", I do not consider myself obese I just am "squishy" I guess :). I know exactly why I have weight issues and it's not genetics or a medical condition... I am LAZY!!! I own it! I am a Mountain Dew addict, I can honestly consume my daily calorie intake in the stuff (which is so depressing). I am moderately active in my usual day but I do not exercise or go out of my way to walk a little farther or take the stairs. I am my worst enemy when it comes to weight loss, I can talk myself out of it every time. I think well I have a lot of money into all the clothes that I have and I really don't want to go spend a ton of money on new clothes while I am losing weight. Then there is gym memberships that can get ridiculous, what it boils down to is I am cheap.
Going to the gym is always been torture for me because I always manage to end up near the gorgeous, tan, tall, ripped girls and I think "you look like a fatty next to her, just walk away and find an old woman to work out with". It is so stupid! and I think I have no idea what she looked like before, she could have been in the same situation as me and I am being an insecure, judgemental bitch! (I swear a bit and I am so sorry if it offends you but it's going to happen).
So this is it I am allowing happiness and change and with the support of others I know I can do it. I need your help to keep me to my word!
Thanks for reading this and to just completely humiliate myself at the get go I will be posting a before picture shortly.

May 24, 2012
Weight: 181 on the nose!