Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can I breathe now?!

Ok guys so it has been a very busy week! School ended and I was immediatly on a plane headed to Vegas to spend four days between there and Mojave California. Because we were constantly on the go I ate horribly or not at all. No exercise because after ten hours in the sun all I wanted to do was sit by the pool and watch the firemen that were helping with the race :) and they were very good to look at btw. I was to my suprise drinking at least two gallons of water and gatorade a day... bonus!

I can't believe how hot it was there but when I landed back in Utah I was really missing the heat. We had so much fun working a closed course race in Mojave and then being incredibly lazy in Vegas because we were exausted!

The weirdest thing happened at the Vegas airport! We were sitting waiting for our checked bags and we were talking about how cool it would be to meet the "sister wives" from TLC because they were living in Vegas. Well after sitting there a while husband Cody Brown walked up the the guy sitting by us and sat down right next to me. We ended up talking for 45 minutes about how they were liking it there and the differences between main stream mormonism and fundamentalist mormons. It was really cool I got a picture taken and of course every one of my friends has marked me as the fifth wife... umm no but it was really cool to meet him.

So I didn't even weigh in today because I am positive that I gained. So back to the routine and hopefully I will have good news on the scale next week.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. How is everything going?

  2. Well not so good. I started a new job and have been overwhelmed with that and it is consuming my every waking moment. I havent weighed myself but I am hoping to get back in the saddle very soon!!!!!

  3. I can relate, though without valid excuse like you. I'm starting over myself. Tomorrow is a clean slate! Day 1, here I come! :)