Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday!

Ok kids I have decided Wednesday will be the day the I meet my arch nemesis the scale who I like to refer to as "whore" and I call it that often. But I am hoping to have a much better relationship with it in months to come. My weight after six days of trying to learn the routine that will hopefully work for me is 179.6 which is just under 1.5 pounds lost. Which I am proud of because I have had a little trouble changing my diet when it comes to meals but I am happy to report my Mountain Dew consumption has dropped by a good 75%!!! I still need one in the morning but I have been drinking a diet can of it instead of 32 oz of full calorie... progress!

I am often asked by people or even solicited "why don't you take a weight loss supplement?" or "you should try Ace! It's great I have lost so and so pounds" About five years ago I was taking phentromine and I loved it I had tons of energy and the weight fell of with no need to exercise or eat right. After I stopped taking it I gain everything back plus some. My reasoning is simple... I don't want to take a pill, drink a shake or cleanse for the rest of my life! I want to change the way I do things so I can earn my weight loss and have that sense of accomplishment and I want eat and drink what I want in moderation and know I have to work for it.

I am not by any means saying that people who do take these supplements didn't earn their weight loss because I know people who need that extra push to meet there weight goals. It's just not for me. Because even this single pound isn't a huge accomplishment I am more proud of it than any of the weight I lost on supplements because I had to do it the old fashioned way.

I did three days of the ease to 5k which I improved on my distance everyday and that's AWESOME!! The past two days I have been doing Turbo Jam and elliptical. I am trying to mix things up but I hope to be running four to five days a week very soon. The turbo jam I have been doing is learn and burn because I am extremely uncoordinated and it takes me a little longer to get all of my limbs moving in unison. With the elliptical I have been doing a half hour after I get done with the turbo jam video.

I haven't been sore from doing the videos and elliptical and I am starting to worry if I am doing it wrong or if I am not doing enough... any thoughts?

I am going to work harder on what I eat but with school getting out soon it has been crazy... and I know that is no excuse because I have to roll with the punches but I am completely focused on finishing this week.

So that's it for me today I am sure I have forgot a ton of things I wanted to talk about but I am sure they will find their way on here. Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!!!

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  1. Sorry about the poor grammar going on in this post. Didn't proof read... Sorry! I am only alittle smarter than I look ;)