Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye privacy!

I was told that starting a blog about your weight loss journey was a great way to stay motivated and be held accountable. Well I am going to try it but this just isn't about weight loss (even though it is a big part) this is about taking a new path... writing a new journey and this journey is to happiness. I am 24 years old and single living in Utah and I have become the set up project for my family and friends. I love them dearly but it hasn't really worked out well, but i can't say too much my Ass-o-meter is evidently broken because that's all I manage to find myself. There are a lot of changes coming my way and I decided that there was no better time than the present to make a life over haul. So lets get this party started!!!
I have had some weight problems all my life, and I am sure those who know me will say "not", I do not consider myself obese I just am "squishy" I guess :). I know exactly why I have weight issues and it's not genetics or a medical condition... I am LAZY!!! I own it! I am a Mountain Dew addict, I can honestly consume my daily calorie intake in the stuff (which is so depressing). I am moderately active in my usual day but I do not exercise or go out of my way to walk a little farther or take the stairs. I am my worst enemy when it comes to weight loss, I can talk myself out of it every time. I think well I have a lot of money into all the clothes that I have and I really don't want to go spend a ton of money on new clothes while I am losing weight. Then there is gym memberships that can get ridiculous, what it boils down to is I am cheap.
Going to the gym is always been torture for me because I always manage to end up near the gorgeous, tan, tall, ripped girls and I think "you look like a fatty next to her, just walk away and find an old woman to work out with". It is so stupid! and I think I have no idea what she looked like before, she could have been in the same situation as me and I am being an insecure, judgemental bitch! (I swear a bit and I am so sorry if it offends you but it's going to happen).
So this is it I am allowing happiness and change and with the support of others I know I can do it. I need your help to keep me to my word!
Thanks for reading this and to just completely humiliate myself at the get go I will be posting a before picture shortly.

May 24, 2012
Weight: 181 on the nose!


  1. Welcome to step one in stepping out and asking for encouragement and accountability! I just recently did this myself, and I can already tell it's going to be the difference that I need to keep going. I'm in the same boat you are (except that I have two toddlers). I'm just plain LAZY. I'm so glad I found your blog! We can do this together! I have a new blog too at if you want to follow along with me too! Good luck! I'll check back in on ya!!

  2. Luv Ya Miss!! If you ever want a running buddy, let me know!! I'll post my info too! 5/24/2012 164.8 lbs! <3

  3. Thank you!
    Miss amanda I will for sure be calling you this summer and we will run like crazy women!

  4. CupKate & Miss Banana Pants: I added you both to my blogroll! I'm so excited to find fitness blogs for "regular" people. I've had such a hard time finding them where they aren't cramming the latest-greatest devices, shakes, or whatever down the readers' throat. Best luck to you both!